Kimber Serna is passionate about helping people. She enjoys guiding people to a healthier understanding of themselves and their relationships. She works with children and adolescents which involves helping parents navigate the important, but often complex job of parenting. She is an active support to young adults helping them gain life skills to cope with today's high paced world. The pressures young adults face can be challenging, leaving them feeling overwhelmed, thus causing symptoms of depression and anxiety. Marriage and family are foundational to our society and Kimber offers a variety of approaches to address issues on these topics. In life, unfortunate times come on all of us, at one time or another. Therapists are professionals who offer support, guidance, and comfort  while you adjust, grow, and move through these times. Call Kimber Serna so she can assist you through your life challenges.

     Did you know studies show secret sexual acts, while in a relationship, may cause deep extensive emotional damage? This deep rooted pain, guilt and shame cycles can be difficult to handle alone.

      Kimber Serna understands these cycles and can provide help with these issues through therapeutic insight and education for change. 

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Connecting Couples' Group

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  • Strengthen love relationships
  • Learn keys for communicating
  • Have fun & happiness in your relationship
  • Connect & grow together
  • Enrolling Now!!! Only 6 couples allowed in group!
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Do you need help raising a challenging child?

We offer parenting support group for children who are have challenging behaviors like

  • Arguing 
  • Defiance 
  • Lying
  • Blaming others
  • Opposing Authority

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